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My name is Anastasia. I am an illustrator and 2D artist.

Possess Bachelor’s Degree in "Visual Design and Media" and 9 years of professional experience.


Skills and servises:


-Commissioned illustrations

-Character design

-Background art

-Concept art

-Children’s books

Published books

Feedback for "The Greedy Crocodile" 

‘I liked the crocodile’s big, fat belly. This story was fun to read.’ Boy, aged 7

‘The crocodile was very naughty to chomp up green tomatoes. It will make him sick. I liked how he gotstuck. He’s just too fat. This is a fun story with cool drawings.’ Girl, aged 8


‘Dad’s tomato soup in the back of the book looks yummy. I thought the best character was the crocodile. I think he wanted a tomato so he could be thinner. I think the children should encourage the crocodile to eat them. The pics looked amazing! Really colorful and fun to look at.’ Boy, aged 7 – with a little help from his teacher

‘Very enjoyable. The children in my class of 6 – 7 year olds thought it was funny and well-plotted. They liked the characters, particularly the fat crocodile. The writing style was simple and accessible for young children.’ Primary School Teacher, aged 43

‘Original, funny and super-sweet! A FINALIST and highly

recommended.’ The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

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